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How it started...

Pet Plushies® was born out of the desire to help animal associations across the country, but it really started with the adoption of the cat Ysera. It was at that moment that we really realized the urgent help that animal associations need to keep their doors open. Volunteers are the unsung heroes of this story and it is also to them that we dedicate our work.
We not only want to provide the opportunity to purchase handmade items, 100% customizable and sustainable, but also to give everyone the opportunity to help, one plushie at a time!

Our values

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100% Handmade

Having handcrafted items is our main feature, as it is the handcrafted workmanship that allows Pet Plushies® to have 100% customizable items made with great care, from pet lovers to pet lovers.
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The materials used in our articles are 100% Portuguese. The artisans are local and this way we can guarantee national quality accessible to all.


Preserving the environment has never been more important and that's why at Pet Plushies® we do everything possible to use every piece of fabric, whether to bring more variety of products, or to apply in customizations for a more personal touch.


We also focus on solidarity, donating 10% of profits not only to associations linked to our collections, but also to those who choose to purchase an item from us.